Topic 1 Reflection

This is now my second blog and before I actually started this module I never realised how difficult it is to consistently write a blog. Blogs have become so common in todays culture and before I actually attempted to write one I underestimated the actual difficulty of writing a blog.

Nevertheless upon my initial reading off the material such as Prensky’s work I was pretty sure I could be considered a digital resident. My opinion of this has not changed however before understanding the differences between natives and immigrant I was unaware there was an actual classification. I often believed most people used the web in the same way I did. I decided to follow up my initial blog with a few short conversations with my housemates regarding their web use. Now most of my housemates use the web to the same extent as I do however I was surprised to find that a few used it more and one believed they weren’t a native but more of a resident that made them lie more with white and cornu’s digital resident and visitor.

After reading a few of the other blogs in particular Alex’s and Harriet’s I believe I have seen a slightly common trend that most believe that the initial classification system of having definitive native/immigrants or residents/visitors is flawed and many people cannot be completely categorised given a multitude of variable such as someone born before the digital revolution although have quickly adapted and therefore embraced the digital age far better than many people born after the digital revolution. Having been on this module for only a week I have certainly learn a few new concepts that do relate to my everyday life however given a longer time period I would like to test their relevancy and to what to extent.


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