Topic 2 Reflection

Topic 2 made me think about how I like to portray myself. Most people always think consciously how they would like to be seen or perceived to other people in the real world. However almost un- conscientiously many people are far more critical of their own personal online identity. I had never thought of that before attempting topic 2, I had almost always seen my online identity as an automated representation of myself however looking at my online identities I see how much information has been cherry picked and selected. Such profile pictures, certain interest and other aspects that accumulate to my online identity.

After having a conversation with Rachel, I decided to compare how mu online personalities differ between social networks almost to see how I have generate multiple identities.

Firstly, looking towards Facebook, I see how it has mainly become a form of communication or discovering news, snapchat has also become a form of communication however far more personal and intimate in-comparison to Facebook. Instagram is the second online identity I believe every photo I have uploaded I believe to be the best photo of that occasion almost being hyper-selective. This means that each photo is not completely representative of the event or occasion that occurred. Lastly looking towards my LinkedIn profile, I see how it’s almost opposite to my Facebook identity being far more professional accommodating to a completely different audience. I have successfully identified three multiple identities for myself for which I was not completely aware of. Depending on which identity you examine you will receive a completely different interpretation of myself.

This made me realise that very few people will have a single online identity and rather have multiple identities.

Knowing this then makes me think of the authentication and security how many people believe multiple online identities is usually only used for immoral or even criminal behaviour however in our current world multiple identities are almost required in my opinion whether that be separate work and social lives or just trying to reduce your online presence


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