Topic 3 Reflection

Looking back on my original topic 3 post I feel I largely based a profession online identity confined mainly to LinkedIn. As I previously stated this is largely due to its online authenticity and it being the most popular professional social media platform.
Looking at Jobvite’s statistics for 2015 they state only 4% of recruiters are not using social media. This means that it is incredibly likely that when searching for a new job without integrating social media into your application you heavily hinder your employability.
I previously stated that LinkedIn heavily involved self-advocating and self-promotion however upon looking at this I believe that this can result in perpetuating in authenticity.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 19.02.37(Self made graphic using JobVite Statisitcs)

After reading Madeline’s comment I considered how recruiters have started to reconsider applicants based on their social media profiles. I believe this has resulted in many applicants may have been overlooked due to the lack of professionalism in their profiles. Furthermore, regardless of having a professional profile one must be incredibly sensitive to what is linked to their social media profiles. An example of this would be Justine Sacco’s tweet leading to her profile being broke down.
Demonizing her twitter profile meant that it was her entire online identity that was demonized therefore any profession profile linked to her account was detrimental. Due to the loss of anonymity online to truly ensure that you maintain a professional online profile using multiple online identities and privacy settings possible employees/applicants must separate their professional identities to their personal/social identities.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 19.05.30

(JobVite Statisitcs)

I feel one of the largest aspects regarding professional profiles is ensuring the separation of a public and a private persona. I have spoken about this previously regarding multiple identities in topic 2 however I feel it is even more imperative in using a professional online identity. Ignoring this is likely to either your application being overlooked leading to your employability being hindered.

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