Topic 5 – Reflection

Prior to researching and writing my blog for topic 5, I was only vaguely family with the term open access. I had assumed it was mainly related to academic journals that were often not vital for my university-related work. However, upon completing a degree of research and understanding the definition of open access I find that it is related to almost every service I use regarding leisure and work. I found myself not only understanding open access more but also becoming an advocate for open access material as I now believe that is vital for an advancing and developing web.

After realising how much I rely on open access content I looked at it from the perspective of media applications such as Spotify and YouTube. However, after reading Cati’s blog I saw how without the support of an academic institution such as the University of Southampton gaining access to certain journals and articles would prove to be far more difficult.  Additionally, reading Caroline’s blog I further learned how freemium services such as Spotify or Soundcloud have led to the lowest rate of music piracy in years.  This is beneficial for both producers and consumers who utilise this service for different reasons.

Considering a producer would have often contributed considerable time, effort and money into providing their content for free, I am aware of the paywall and its implications. I have found are alternatives such as Patron, Creative commons content or sites such as that are explained below.

(Figure 1 – Self-produced via Final Cut Pro)

Currently, advertising revenue has been the largest financial backing for certain open access platforms such as YouTube however as we move deeper into a digital world I am unsure on the future of open access.

Since starting this course my blogging style has considerably changed. reading and analysing other blogs has shown me how beneficial infographics and alternate forms of media can better benefit the reader whilst conveying my point more to a better extent.


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